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What Others Have Said

Glenn Hamilton
San Luis Obispo, CA

After spending days watching the video that Zach made and putting in the top deck windows we asked for help.

In three and one half days we, with Zach doing most everything, installed the top deck, windshield, wing fold hatches, and door windows. He also formed the doors so that they would close correctly, and matched the contour of the fuselage to the wing which was about a quarter inch off. He showed us how to apply Gel-coat and how to blend it into the existing factory finish.

Zach has worked on dozens of Stars and never makes a false move. What would have taken us months to complete is now finished in a professional manner.

Thank you Zach

Glenn & Fred #5434

Wes Waters

I installed my top deck, hatches, strakes, doors and installed or fitted all my windows in three days (42 hours) with Zach Chase. He is a dynamo around the GlaStar fuselage. While you are thinking about a specific job, Zach can have it about done!. Zach travels to the job with tools and supplies. He also teaches as he works and gave me several excellent suggestions. I found out about Zach on our Glastarnet and passing the information on the same way. My thanks to glastarnet and its contributors.

The way I work, Zach probably saved me two months construction time plus getting it right the first time.

Don Stanton
Redding, CA

I had the pleasure of having Zach come and help me on my project. As others have said he is a whirlwind of energy and produces excellent quality results. In a few short days (they went by real fast!) we were able to finish the top deck and windows, top hatches, mount doors including align windows, install quarterdeck windows, fit the windshield, install strakes and gelcoat the aft end of the aircraft....and that's just the big stuff! He is a fountain of information about the Glastar and left me with an organized list of what to do and in what order. The amount I learned about glassing and gelcoating was worth the trip. If you are interested in getting a big jump forward in your project I highly recommend Zach. He is a great guy too!

Don Stanton #5633

Werner Schneider
Wuerenlingen, Switzerland

Hello Folks,

After we've joked last year to get Zach over to boost our projects, we finally did make it happen. Rolf, Heinz, Chris and myself had in the last three weeks Zach helping on our projects here in Switzerland.

On my plane Zach made it possible, to fit a windshield which looked ways to small at the begin. Another big step which I've learned is how to work with gelcoat so the former ugly root section now looks as it would have always been like that.

Zach did plenty of work on all our planes (mine looks like it would become very soon a real flying plane), but that is not the only thing, he is a great teacher too, Rolf and myself just looked at each other in several cases asking us why we didn't do it like this in the last few years. He is a great source of knowledge and has no problem to share this with you. Further he helped us with several parts which are very hard to get here in Europe! And least he is just a great character with a lot of humor!

I just can say I'm very thankful to what Zach did for us, it gave a big boost on all our projects (Rolf told at the end of the week, if Zach stays another week his plane would be flying =(;o).

It showed also, that if four people help together, the cost to bring Zach even to Europe is very small and the value to have him help on your project can not be valued with money!

Zach, it was a great adventure and brought our spirits up to complete our Glastar ASAP, sorry, that we could not show you more of our country, but as I've told you more then once, you never know August (or a bit later) might be another opportunity to get this done!

Many thanks

Werner Schneider

Tim Rittal
Anchorage, AK

So I got up this morning and wandered into the garage turned airplane hangar by a ten foot extension of the side windows( for my rt wing). Blue tape and plastic dust is everywhere. Trash cans are full of mylar tape and used razor blades and modified paint stirring sticks and little cups of hardened glass putty. My once plain fuselage now sports a top deck, windows, doors, latches, strakes, a nearly perfect windshield ready for final install many months in the future and lots of other small things I don't even recall at the moment. It looks like a work tornado hit the place. Some of you already guessed the culprit. Another Zach attack!!!

Yes, I too was hit by this Glastar working animal and have to agree with Paul, it was a great boost to the project and a real learning experience for me as well. I picked up a few new tricks and got a chance to see what quality work looks like in progress. I also saw the results on 2 other Alaskan Glastars and the quality is consistent.

If you are looking for a cost effective way to get a leg up, Zach Chase is one of the best "fast build" options you can get. And you may even learn a thing or two!!

Tim in Alaska

Robert Simon

Like most GlaStar builders, I had no aircraft building experience beyond the EAA/Alexander Sportair 3-day GlaStar builders' course. The project moved along but at less than half the rate that I had planned. I enjoyed building but I enjoyed flying more, and really wanted to get my bird into the air. With the expert help from Ken and Zach I was able to complete that last 10% of the work (which typically takes 90% of the builder's time) in short order, saving me at least a year. And I knew that everything that I had done previously had been looked over by two sets of expert eyes.


Paul Kvernplannen
Anchorage, AK


Dave you were right on.... Zach is a human dynamo. Zach was in Alaska for about 3 weeks and worked on 3 different Stars! A Zach attack!

I believe what we did in a week would have taken me more than 6 months and my learning curve would have shown on my Star. All the big things that I was dreading got done (plus a myriad of little things) and I got an education and the confidence to do the rest.

I also learned a test of quality... exact and exZACHt.... if it passes the exZACHt test you know itís perfect or as close as you can get.

I had a blast, not only is Zach a pleasure to work with but what little time we had left over to hang out was totally enjoyable. I would recommend this experience to anyone would like a huge infusion of enthusiasm and a first class education.

Thanks Zach!

Jim Newman
Austin, TX

To all:

Being both physically and mentally challenged, when it came time to install top deck, windshield, doors, 1/4 windows, etc., I contacted Zach Chase for help. I picked him up at Muni the evening of the 20th of April. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday he put in 42 of the most hectic hours of labor I've ever seen. To me he was untouchable as far as assistance was concerned. It would easily taken me at least 6 wks to 2 months to accomplish what he did in a few hours, providing I could have done the work at all.

This message is unsolicited and I don't mean to make it a commercial; but just a statement of fact. I could not have stood up (literally) to the task. Thank you Zach!

Jim Newman #5567, now I'm about ready to fly. About six weeks!

Michael Harfst
Portland, OR

To: anybody needing a speedup

I had Zach Chase out here earlier this month and have to say I was very impressed with what he got done. In four days we did what I would have agonized over for several months. That top deck and folding hatch system would be much more difficult if I was alone and doing it with the manual. This kit really is looking like an airplane now.

Michael HarfstM

Dennis Douglas
Bend, OR


Zach Chase came out to Bend, Oregon last week to spend five days with me working on my GlaStar. Folks...I am impressed! I am impressed with the quantity and quality of Zach's work. I am also impressed with the ease with which he taught me to do things.

Seeing Zach at work is something to marvel at. He is highly organized and he prepared a work plan for us that we adjusted as necessary. He made sure that, before he left, all the important things were done and that I had enough knowledge (if not the skills, yet) to complete the small items remaining.

Zach doesn't simply move from place to place in the hangar...he fairly seems to almost run. His pace and endurance are incredible...after he left, it took me three days to recover!

As a further testimony to Zach's skills, I had been looking at the Van's O-320 induction scoop for about 6 months trying to figure out how to cut it and trim it to fit the GlaStar lower cowling so that it was aligned properly and looked good. Zach said, "I've never done this before, but would you like me to do it?" I said sure. An hour later, Zach had the cowling cut out, the scoop fitted to the cowling, and the scoop partially glassed and faired to the cowling. Amazing.

I know how slowly I work..or "putter about" as my wife says. In thinking about how I work and what Zach did in five days, I can truthfully state my belief that Zach saved me five months of work.

If any of you folks have any questions about Zach's value to your project, forget them. Zach is a terrific value and I would encourage all of you to take advantage of his talents..it will be money (but not a lot of it) well spent!

Dennis Douglas
GlaStar #5220 (now 5 months farther along; flying "soon"...)

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